Thursday, October 24, 2019

A welcome respite

We’ve returned from our weekend jaunt to Cambria. It was very relaxing and quite fun! We spent a day touring Hearst Castle. I kept reminding myself. We’re at a State Park. It was very nicely cared for, very well curated. For the fiber friends, I saw nice examples of crochet, net lace, and needle lace, tatted and knitted lace; some excellent weaving and embroidery examples. I think the guides were a bit curious after watching me lean in to get a close look at anything on top of tables and dressers.
                There was a quaint little Historical museum we stopped at also. They have a square piano and a pump organ. Nothing very valuable. Just the work horses of their day. It seemed odd to me that this modest house would have 2 instruments. I would expect an instrument, like a piano if the house was built for a lawyer or prominent business tycoon. A teacher or Bishop might have a pump organ. Just my perspective. What was most valuable to me was their account of reproducing the wall paper. Good information for working on our historic home!
                I also found a lovely yarn shop: Ball & Skein. They sell tatting shuttles and tatting needles! They sell yarn (of course) and so much more! Kris was so much fun to talk to and I hope to meet Oz on my next trip. If you’re looking for rigid heddle time in the Morro Bay area, I suggest stopping in. I will return and I promise to bring tuck demonstration supplies in my bag!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend jaunt. Remember to always bring your tatting.

  2. Of course! I've almost finished a gift and figured out where I made a mistake in the replacement earrings. Whew!