Tuesday, May 29, 2018

visit to a cactus garden

I have not picked up the shuttles in the past few days. I’ve been enjoying a wonderful Holiday Weekend. Memorial Day was always about Family as I grew up. My Mother was born at the end of May, so we always celebrated her birthday at the family gathering. We paused to remember those who served and did not come home, those who served and came home much changed, and those who were currently serving. Of the 6 people in my family who have served, I have had the opportunity to say Thank You to them in person. I know that is rare. 

This year, I enjoyed a wonderful visit to the NavalPostgraduate School. We were stationed there many, many years ago. It was the first time I had been back since orders took us to Georgia. Normally, there’s no reason for me to visit, but they were celebrating Memorial Day with a concert. The music was quite nice and walking around the old Hotel Del Monte grounds was fun. We spent some time in the Cactus Garden looking at how their plants are doing. It gave us some ideas for our own garden.

I can’t say the visit inspired me to work on new designs. But, that’s probably good considering how many I have in the works right now! Better get to work!!

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