Thursday, May 24, 2018

Frilly Cross

I completed the Frill! Whew!!!!

Celtic Cross 2009 Ruth Perry
 and Charming Frills by Usha

I think my execution is not as neat as it could be. I still am fiddling with the steps. The last row was easier, but didn’t execute as well as I would like. I’ll be tatting the pattern again.

The cross will also go in my frequent patterns to use pile. I liked the simplicity of the chains. I used celtic shuttles, but didn’t really need to. The project reminded me why I dislike using flat shuttles. Even for weaving on a small loom. I’m a boat kinda gal. The next cross will probably have gobs more picots. Not very true to Celtic design traditions, but I know I will like it and it will wow some folks!

Thank you Ruth and Usha for wonderful patterns to tat.

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