Tuesday, May 1, 2018

experiments successful

Pictures of the garden haven’t been easy to catch. The weather has been blustery, dry, and cloudy. The area doesn’t look much different than it did here, so I won’t post until it does look different. That’s positive, really, as my track record with plants is not as good as with tatting or organ. I should stick to what I do best.

Adding a lot of beads to the Dazzling Debut design has been successful. I can’t share pictures here until after the whole project is finished and delivered. Sorry. Take the word of the other tatters that see them: Wow! Nice! They add to the design. I knew Marilee’s design would be a great foundation for this experiment. I have the book on my wish list. I don’t think the friend I borrowed it from to tat this pattern will let it go. I do hope Spring comes soon for Marilee soon. I really like her new colorway also. Check it out:

I don’t typically work in dark thread. And I like the beads to show up in contrast to the thread. But this pattern isn’t typical. The musical piece is a warm, gentle work. I like the way the beads and thread are gentle on the eyes. Now to add the outer edging.
After watering the new plants, blocking the earrings, and practicing for Friday. I’m playing at St. Paul’s again.

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