Tuesday, April 3, 2018


No, that not a misspell. I know, I know, I have difficulty spelling in English! I’m not talking cord as in heavy thread or twine. I’m talking music: a group of notes. This is a long post (for me), so get out the velcro you use in class. There’s links to go to, concepts to think about…..

The pattern I’ve been playing with designed by Marilee Rockley uses curled rings. Muskaan has several excellent posts on this technique. Ninetta also has posted excellent tutorials:  Both of these fabulous tatters have freely shared material and patterns with the OnLine Tatting Class. Thank you ladies! And a huge, awestruck Thank You to Georgia for all her work over these many, many years!

Back to Curling…. No, not the sport. Rings.I tried working up the examples in Ninetta’s tutorial many moons ago *2016*. The fault wasn’t Ninetta’s. I just didn’t really try. I claim too much on my plate. Not a good excuse! The truth is I was still in the first blush of having an organ to practice on whenever I pleased!!!

Marilee’s book caught the eye of one of my advanced beginner tatters in the Tatting Tuesday Study Group. Zanie, as we call her, has produced wonderful jewelry with beads in a class at the local Community College. We worked through a couple of the patterns, but nothing really grabbed us. I kept gravitating to Dazzling Debut. So, there was nothing for it but to try it out again! I’ve had success this time!! This is the size 10 version sitting beside the size 40 version.

Back to chords…. If you scroll down to page 5 of Ninetta’s PDF, you’ll see what I wish to use: stacked curled rings. I see chords. I hear music. I’ll let you decide if I’m crazy! No wait….I know I’m crazy…about tatting AND the organ!


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    1. Thank you. The next version is going onto the shuttles today. I'd like to use 2 different colors of thread and beads. We'll see where the muse leads me!