Monday, September 28, 2015


Whenever I make big changes in my life, it always takes me awhile to put thoughts into words regarding those changes. I still haven’t really expressed what’s happened lately. I have been trying. I wasn’t succeeding very well until I made myself set an appointment with myself to write. I figured out part of the problem is the computer is still in the “set-up” stage. So, I picked up pencil and paper. Now for the task of putting those scribbles into the computer and loading them into the blog software.

                I guess I’m just that old fashioned!

Rodgers organ in place
I’m old fashioned enough to really love playing the organ. Since I have moved an organ into the home, I’ve “wasted” a great deal of time just playing. I did try to make a clip to load into the blog stuff, but it was less than enjoyable. So, here’s a picture instead:

I find that I’m grabbing music at random to play; mostly just playing. Not really practicing or designing. It’s been very enjoyable! I think I’ll indulge in this randomness through September, and then get more disciplined in October.


  1. Drool....drool....droooolllll......When I was young, that was my one have a "real" organ (pipes) in my home. Of course, I wanted enough pipes/power to blow the roof off. :-D Turned out I had a knee problem that required me to stop playing, so that was the end of my 'pipes' dream. Just seeing yours, though....oh, I could drool over the picture and the thoughts of playing the organ again the way we do when we go somewhere and they have tatting supplies....every color and size thread imaginable....all sorts of gorgeous pattern books and shuttles everywhere. :-) I'm celebrating with you. Play something LOUD. :-D

    1. Wouldn't it be great fun to play organ/horn music and then tat together? Well, a girl can dream!

  2. Would've loved to hear your music ... maybe some other time ? :-)

  3. I've been asked if I will be posting audio files of this organ being played by yours truly. I did some experimenting and decided it just wouldn't represent the room or instrument. So, no plans for adding sound here.