Thursday, April 5, 2018

Another stroll in the 'hood....

This time, I spotted this crab in the Bay:

The next day, we hiked Huckleberry Hill. I did not get any pictures, but take it from the entire hiking party. The poison oak is a bumper crop this year! Just a picture of a wildflower locals call Miner's Lettuce. I've seen it before.

I narrowly averted disaster when saw a hummingbird on the path. That was before I stepped on it. And the next in line didn’t bump into me. Whew! I couldn’t decide if it was a fledgling or a female, but it didn’t fly well and looked so scared. There was nothing for but stepping very slowly over and continuing down the path. I heard at least one hummer in the tree chattering away, so hopefully all will be well. It’s hard, very hard, but I try to let nature take its course.


  1. Since mid-Dec last year, we've had 3 pigeons 'crashing' into our balcony. Spooky. Never happened even once over the last 2 decades, and we haven't changed anything.
    Luckily, they weren't that hurt and after some rest and calm & grains/water, I picked & released them and they flew away. Resilience.