Tuesday, April 17, 2018

of hail and rainbows

Well, the weather is being very fickle! It hailed yesterday. So, all those succulents we planted? They’re shivering!!! Then the sun poked through just at sunset creating a double rainbow.

I found more Connectors, so the stars will go on the flag soon. And….

Another successful organ concert was enjoyed yesterday.
Life is good….

I have several huge projects on the shuttles. This means there’s not much to share here. I am taking time to visit and comment. Although I fear what I have to say really isn’t earth-shattering. If you like, let me know what you think I should comment on. Hint, Hint….

Now, to see what needs to be cleaned up from Mother Nature……


  1. I do hope the succulents survive! They looked Beautiful.

    I Always love to read your comments - you usually have some new idea or perspective - and hope you continue to leave them. If you could leave some constructive criticism, some suggestion on how I can improve (tatting or blogging) that too would be good :-)

  2. Thank you Muskaan. I love your comments also. I can't claim to be an expert at this blogging thing. I wouldn't even say I have criticism for what you do. Exactly the opposite! I love your tatting, your posts, and what you bring to the community! Keep it up!!