Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Successful workshop. I learned so much!

And the ideas I have hatched! It’ll take awhile to get something finished enough to show here. And there’s the current projects on the shuttles: Bach Festival Art Raffle piece; the study of curled rings; and the pieces I’m thinking of entering in the County Fair.

Two thoughts about Tablet weaving:

Tradition has shaped the pieces we weave. The thread needs to be tightly spun, so there is more processing before weaving than for a shawl from handspun. Contrast is encouraged in the patterns so there are lots of vibrant colors. The equipment needed is fairly simple with just cards and two points needed for attaching…think backstrap or simple frame.

The weaving goes fast:

Tablet weaving can produce shoe laces or harness pieces. Hat bands can be personalized. The bands are narrower, but good and thick. There was even a wonderful dog collar sample at the workshop!

Where I may venture:

Bookmarks with tatted edging. Accessories for hikers and outdoor activities. Remember the workshop I went to last summer? Neutrals……with pops of color added.

Time to get busy!!

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