Thursday, March 15, 2018


The sun was dazzling on the Bay. I walked down to the “working wharf” this morning; a lot of activity there. A crew was mending nets in the parking area. Another crew was repairing damage under a section of wharf. Yet more people were unloading fish into hoppers shoveling ice as the stream of silver slid in. Several whale watching boats were heading out. Oh, and a storm was gathering off the North end of the Bay. All that fresh air and activity inspired me.

Yesterday, I completed a trial of an earring pattern by Marilee Rockley:

I’ve been trying and trying to wrap my brain around curled rings. I think this time, I finally got there. Although the first two I did with the ring and chain on one side of the earring, and the last three with things in the proper place.

I like the 3-D effect. Must visit this with other size thread and beads for a pair I can wear!

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