Thursday, March 22, 2018

Dazzling roses

Here’s a trial of the pendant that Marilee designed to go with the earrings. It's from the same book, Tatting with Beads Jewelry. I rather like it!

The large pale beads are difficult to photograph. They are acrylic 8mm beads that I cut from a necklace I’ve had for ages. I never wore it as it was too plastic looking. I thought framing them with thread would help, but dark thread just made them look even more plastic. Same color thread looks better, but I’ve realized I don’t like how shiny the beads look. It’s not a glass shiny, it’s a plastic shiny. Ah well. I can say I’ve got the pattern down now. I really do like it!

With Holy Week next week, I likely will not be posting. Sitting at the computer never is relaxing. I cannot risk activity that leaves my back and shoulders tense and sore. Back the following week with more fun!

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