Thursday, May 17, 2018


Yesterday I had several significant successes. 

3 years ago we started on the adventure of a Historic Home. We’ve done a bit of work. The punch list is still very, very long. 

One item on that list is lighting in the studio. The space is unusual: 
   The room is not square, but more trapezoidal; 
   there’s columns marking out a rectangle that isn’t brick but concrete; 
   the ceiling has recessed areas with skylights; and the walls are thick plaster with 3 outlets. 

Every so often I take a stab at visiting a store or shopping or browsing magazines. Nothing has come to me for good ideas. I’m not a natural decorator. I do “clutter and whatever happens.” Finally, yesterday I had some clarity. I now have some words to describe what I would like to see and so can shop more wisely. 

Now to get the electrician…..

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