Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Back to Sonata

The final piece is coming along. I can’t say well.....just coming along. I find working in black size 80 thread is tough. The best part: it doesn’t show dirt and dust. Size 80. It's just tough for me to work with. I didn’t get a knot firmly tied in round 2 of the edging. That resulted in a chain coming loose. I think I have that corrected with some Fray-Check. Not my preference, but I’m running out of time! I realized while out on a walk Saturday that I did not correctly load the beads for round 4. Black thread is tough. One bead in each repeat (of the size 15 beads on the size 80 thread) should be a bead join, not a bead picot. Nothin’ for it but to take all those itty-bitty beads off and rethread them. Sigh! I think I’m ready to finish round 3 now. I hope I have enough thread on the shuttle…..

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  1. Yes so true, black is not easy to tat, I think also red is difficult, but I like both. Hope you enjoy your project, anyway.