Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Sun, what sun???

I took time yesterday for reflecting. Since the fog stayed around well into the afternoon, we didn’t have much to see for the solar eclipse. It did get quiet. And a bit darker for a few minutes. So, we experienced the event, just didn’t see much. Ah well, even if I’m not seeing as often the sunrise show, and the white deer is no longer walking through the neighborhood, our resident yard cat is still coming around for scritches.

Most of my tatting time was spent putting things away. I gathered up the patterns I used for the Fair items. I like to have patterns on hand when I demonstrate. I’ve realized that I am drawn to tatting designs that are as intriguing in the written form as they are in thread. Most of the patterns I use by other designers are readily available on the web or in book form. I usually make a copy that I can mark up with my notes; like what thread I’m using and how much I wind onto the shuttles, what beads I pick, what size picot I use, and any resources I use for tricks and tips. If I’m really going to meet my goals for tatting, I have to keep as good records as I do for music.

The rest of the week I’ll be working on music catching up. I need to work on the harpsichord and plan practice for the sub jobs I’ve committed to. I’d also like to update my material for all things organ in the Monterey/Carmel area. Plenty to do. After a walk to the library and maybe a treat.

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