Thursday, October 16, 2014

Progress in blue

4 of Round 2 motifs attached but not blocked
I’m halfway done with Round 2 of the Saint Saens in blue

The hard part is done. Here’s a detail of the final motif I connected.
detail of Motif A
I know I labeled it A. yet, it’s the fourth motif I connect. That’s because of the way the music flows. Saint-Saens started this movement with an introduction. That’s the massive chords on the organ you hear. Then, he introduced a lovely melody (the one I labeled A). It’s so likeable, it was used for the movie Babe. Then, he took off on a romp through sections that I’ve represented with these motifs. Three of them recall themes from the other movements, then he romps through his A section again. For good measure, he repeats all 3 exposition sections; then, tears through a final section with 3 parts.

That music inspires round 3. Yes, it’s coming. When I created the version in white thread using 2 colors of beads, I settled on a rather open design. I knew it would need to be mounted to work. I think it does, but you never know......

For this version in blue, I haven’t decided exactly how to work in the different bead colors. I’ll be using the lighter thread; and all colors of beads as all instrument sections are playing. Mmmmm

Off to play with thread.


  1. I love what you are doing, says former flautist me... : ))

  2. Thanks Fox. I know I have a good idea. Soe days it's easier than others to get up from the organ bench and pick up my shuttle. BTW Have any suggestions for flute pieces that would work well in thread?