Thursday, October 23, 2014

Looking for Round 3 ideas

Round 2 is done.

Saint Saens in blue Round 2 completed
I’ve dug out the score and am looking at the final section. There’s some ideas running around in my mind. Right now, the running around I’m doing is catch up from not taking care of details over the last few months. That and I realized Christmas is coming.
I usually have our gift list out by now. I usually have decided what I’m making for hand-made gifts. But, this year, it all crept up on me. Sitting at the keyboard and computer to finalize Round 3 will have to wait a few days. Oh, and there’s a house we want to look at in Monterey. That takes 4+ hours to drive down, tour, and drive back. Of course, I get to tat in the car. So, I’d better get some ideas on paper.


  1. That is very nice and unique, I prefer the blue version to the white, it's lovely :)

    1. Thank you, Ninetta! I am enjoying using more colors of beads. I think it represents the orchestra much better.