Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A long weekend

We’re back. We took a short jaunt to the coast last weekend. We stayed at the beautiful Asilomar Conference Center. I really enjoyed sitting in the Julia Morgan buildings, walking on the beach, waking up to the sound of the ocean……well, you get the drift. And it’s part of our wonderful park system. We’re so spoiled!

Yes, the trip did confirm that we will be moving there. How soon depends on a lot of factors that I’m not the driving force behind. So, I must be patient. That’s hard for me. I’ve never been one to sit and do nothing. After all, one can tat just about anywhere!

I do ask that you keep in mind the family of 3 young people. They were swept out while exploring the rocks along the beach. Two of the swimmers were successfully rescued, but one search was called off after the overnight search did not locate him. The ocean is powerful. The ocean is beautiful. For those who choose to explore, the experience can alter your life forever. Please join me in respecting the ocean.

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