Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Post Fest glow

            After a wonderful month of activities, the Carmel Bach Festival is finished. The art donated for the Raffle has been carefully distributed to the lucky winners. Those who win a piece of art are encouraged to write a thank you note to the artist. I happily wrote my note for the book I won. It’s an exquisite handmade paper book with two quotations. I love paper making, so this beauty is now displayed on the ledge in the windows by the harpsichord.

I wonder where my bookmark has landed? I count the whole Festival Raffle experience a resounding success!

            Before I go, I’ll share a bit of my success with the cro-tat technique: 

 This yarn is marketed for baby things, so it has a bit tighter twist. It’s also 4 ply which helps also. For this pattern the color way actually works too.

 Mmmmm beginner’s luck?


  1. I hope you get a note from the recipient so you know where your bookmark went.

    1. I do know where the bookmark will live. The proud recipients live in my neighborhood!

  2. Your crotat trials are going well :-)
    Looks like everybody was a winner at the Raffle !

  3. I'm tatting like mad to finish the entries for the Fair! Of course, they won't appear here until after the Fair. So look for the about Sept. 10th.