Monday, March 4, 2013

weekend accomplishments

What a weekend. It actually was a 3 day weekend; we included Friday in our errands/yard work time. To recap:

Sold a car
Pruned the roses and honeysuckle
Spiffed up the trumpet vine and a boogie
Tried to figure out if the lantana and cherry tree will survive.

Our treat: a fresh orange picked and eaten while still warm from the sun. mmmmmmmmmm

Still to happen:

Revive the lawn
Replace the shrubs that hide our “reused” bricks (necessary for curb appeal)
Weed the bed of oxalis

Now, if the oxalis that grew in our yard looked as lovely as this , I wouldn’t be so keen on eradicating it. But, alas, ours is the yellow version that doesn’t smell nice, grows from miniscule corms that break off from the stems, and spreads faster than dandelions! Hopefully, the predicted rain will make weeding next weekend more productive. Well, one can hope, right?

I’m off to finish the poinsettia. I rather like how the leaves are shaping up. Unfortunately, I can already tell my photography skill, or lack thereof, will not be up to sharing a picture of the finished bloom. Sorry.

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