Monday, March 11, 2013

organ concert after Evensong

I had the great pleasure yesterday of experiencing great music. Evensong is a wonderful contemplative service; Just the ticket for mid-Lent. The space at St. Andrew's Saratoga is a singing space. It's easy to pray in song there.
The concert performer and Evensong accompanist was James Welch . I know I risk being labeled as a “groupie” by some of my musician friends that read here, but if you do get the chance to hear Jim, please do. He’s a wonderful organist and plays both new and standard repertoire equally well. The new music last night was a piece by local organist/composer Lothar Bandermann. I’d love to hear it again. Any takers?

On the tatting side of life, I continue to make progress on several PHD items. I also found some size 15 beads in primary colors. I have all kinds of earring ideas for them. We’ll see what make it onto this blog.

Please find time to get out and enjoy spring. It has sprung in full force here. The blossoms on the fruit trees are lovely and fragrant, the buds on the mulberry trees are getting bigger, the ground looks wonderful and ready for planting!

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  1. ...Haha..I enjoyed the spring last week, 2 days of wonderful warm whether...but acutally -6°C winter agian and another 10 cm of snow...
    wasn'T it amazing yesterday class of 45 ...
    I sewed on all my this evening with embellishing ;)..
    happy tatting