Wednesday, March 27, 2013

setback and a buzzing

I had a setback on my cluny pattern. I was concentrating so hard on getting the cluny shapes consistent and keeping the color blips to a minimum that I neglected to keep the right side the right side and let the RODS creep in on the right side.
If that doesn’t make sense, it didn’t to me either for a bit. I picked up my sample after a good night’s sleep and saw something wasn’t quite right, but didn’t have a lot of time right then to really study it. After I completed the appointment, I studied it again and saw that I had executed a ring with an extra picot and not enough double stitches. So, I set it aside while I exercised, then picked it up again to decide what to do. That’s when I noticed that I had tatted 4 rings as though I had the wrong side facing up. AND I also noticed that I had badly twisted a picot in a chain. Sigh!!!
I decided to not just clip out the mistakes, but to begin again……Finnegan…….Michael…..grumble, grumble!
Maybe that’s what the hummingbird was trying to tell me that buzzed me on my walk. Ever had that happen? They are loud, fast, and very bold. It’s enough to make one duck, startle, and walk quickly on. Tee hee.
Who knows what will happen today with shuttle or on a walk. If something amusing happens I’ll try to share it.

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