Monday, March 18, 2013

a dead end and a beginning

Spring is here. It’s a good thing. My forays into the Saint Saens design past where I stopped Thursday turned out to be duds. Yes, duds plural. The math just wouldn’t work. I’m not deterred as I learned last month that when the math isn’t working, it’s usually because I was taking my values from the wrong facet of the music. In other words, I was looking in the wrong place for my visual cues. A little like reaching for the swell when I should be reaching for the choir. So, a big fat void where there should be lace. It’ll likely take me several days to get back to the design.
Anyway, as I started to say, spring is here. We went plant shopping Sunday afternoon and found some candidates for the front yard. I hope they work. We’ll know in a few years. Yawn!!! We also found a surprise: a Chicago Peace rose. Now, I know for you rose aficionados, you should buy bare root in the fall from a rose grower. I bought a potted version from a mass market nursery. I don’t know if it will survive and do well, but I couldn’t resist. You see, my mom had a Chicago Peace in her front yard. The bush was HUGE and produced rather large blooms 10-11 months a year. It hardly had any problems like disease and pests, just enjoyed growing. I hope my little plant does half as well. We’ll know in a few years. Yawn!!
I’m off now to reproduce things that were lost that I only discovered were missing 15 minutes before I needed them. I muddled through, but I need to replace them.  

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  1. is snow here..still snow...on March the 19th and so cold....happy searching:))