Wednesday, March 13, 2013

the second corner

Today is a bit of Where’s Waldo……

I am working my way through this antique pattern. Thank you Jennifer Williams for getting it into more modern notation and Jane Eborall and Jennifer Williams for the diagram. I have been working on this as time allows, so progress has been slow. What attracted me to the pattern is the outside to the inside working order. First, you tat these triangles for the corners, then a couple of small trefoils, then the ending that joins the corners together, then the bit that fills in the center.

So, what ya need to find? My mistake in the second triangle. Of course I know it’s the second corner I made, the first one I looked at the pattern constantly. I tend to trust my memory too much on the second go at a pattern. Sigh.

And yes, I didn’t discover it until after I’d joined 3 of the 4 joins in the pattern. Sigh.
corner of Frauberger triangle pattern

I’m really liking this thread color combination. I normally do not wear fall colors, but the earth tones in this thread I like. It’s Herbal Garden (Lizbeth) from Handy Hands.

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  1. ...arghhh, you did one repeat more or less in the last outer chain...once again???....what a pitty