Wednesday, February 27, 2013

favorite pastel earrings

I just realized that I don’t have a picture up of my favorite earrings. I came up with the idea last year while browsing in my favorite bead shop. The thread came from my stash of threads I’ve scavenged from yard sale bins and cleaning out homes when people are downsizing. It’s size 80, so the earrings end up under an inch in diameter. Much nicer for my small face.
earrings around bead cap with interlocking rings

Now, I’m a pastels person. I wear pink a great deal. Since my hair is greying, I get comments like “Are you a Red Hat lady in training?” I take it as a compliment. Must be because folks assumed I was a teenager for many years past my 25th birthday. Sigh. I can never bring myself to guess someone’s age. See why?

Anyway, the pattern is similar to one here. I’d love to see what other people come up with. Happy tatting!

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  1. ..this pattern looks nice...I iwll give it a try...:) enjoy your style...