Monday, February 11, 2013

TIAS 2013 finished

I have finished this year’s game!
TIAS 2013 by Jane Eborall
A lovely pattern. I’m not sure the dull colors in Lizbeth Herbal Garden work well for it. I think the next pram created will be in colors better fitting a nursery. Now I’m off to finish other WIP.

Indecently, for those that catch how awkward the final section of the pattern looks, you’re correct, I didn’t follow the directions. For some reason I thought I could work on the last little bit while in the car. I had copied what I thought were the pertinent directions. Upon return to the computer, I discovered that I had NOT followed the pattern at all. With scissors, I corrected some and with a creative SSSR or two and a split chain, I think I’ve recovered. Sigh.

Thank you to Jane for yet another fun way to start the year!!

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  1. ..hihi... doesen't matter, the most important fact is, that the baby can't fall out :))...