Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Laying to rest another Master binder pattern

Today I intend to complete the pattern in the Master binder I’m working on. In respect for the wishes of the designer I’ll not be posting a picture of the piece. Suffice it to say that I’m tatting very carefully.

 I usually tat the pattern in thread I consider “waste thread” just to practice and see what I need to be careful with. I usually use this trial run to figure out how much thread to put on the shuttles and such. Well, this time I really messed up the math. I tatted the sample, did some figuring, wound my shuttles, tatted away, and………
Ran out of thread!!

So, I’m off to finish tatting and blocking and scanning and packing it away safely until I finish the rest of the binder. Whew! It’s a really good thing I have all the time I need to complete the patterns in the binder!


  1. What do you mean with "binder"??...making us eager to see what you tat...:))

    1. Sorry to dangle out there something so enticing....or not. The program is found here: and is run strickly by volunteers. It reminds me of entering something in the county fair, but quite a bit more helpful. I realize it's quite expensive for those overseas. Hope you can find something similar where you are.