Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wally Sosa snowflake

I’ve finished a study in beads in picots. Thank you to Georgia and Wally for sharing their Super Sunday with us! It was fun to tat.
Wally Sosa BD snowflake 2013 in Manuela pastels
I picked up this Manuela thread last summer. You never know what you find in sale bins! I really like how the turquoise beads work with the colors in the thread. I’m not sure this combination of other bead colors is what I like, I may try others. Anyway, the beads are added in quite a number of ways: in picots, on core thread between DS, and at joining. It’s the last part of the pattern that had me staring at the screen for a while. Thank you to Wally for putting this pattern out there to challenge us. The LBP and SBP will be a technique that I use frequently now!

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  1. nice this little motif..I do agree, I also like the turquoise with the thread color... what an alternative to came at midnight for us, so I didn't watch, but it might have been as excited as your tatting with beads ;))...
    always a bead on the thread