Tuesday, January 12, 2021

My life continues

That’s a positive that I’m grateful for. I’ve had my scares. Some would say I’m on my 4th of 9 lives. I’m OK. I can still play the organ a bit. I’ve found real joy in tatting. I have a wonderful life of a fabulous husband (I don’t tell him often enough!) and two children who are growing into wonderful adults. It’s good! My life continues.

I wish I could say the same for those pieces I’m tatting and practicing. I seem to be taking a step back for every step forward. At least I think it’s forward.

Ah well.

This morning I decided to join in on the TIAS game that Jane Eborall is hosting. Here’s my sample so far:

Jane's TIAS 2021 Day 1


  1. I agree ... it's like 'no news is good news'! Here's to a beautiful continuation - Cheers 🥂