Thursday, November 19, 2020

The Basics

 I’m drawn to simple things that turn out to be complicated.

Simple: Driving a straight road.

Complicated: Keeping your attention on the road when it’s straight for 35 miles with nothing but fields on either side.

Simple: Plagal cadence.

Complicated: Double the fifth in the bass (pedal) with a suspension on the top.

Simple: Classic square motif.

Complicated: Sewing thread that needs extra joins to keep the overall shape correct.

Remember this cross

Here’s a bookmark I’ve been working on.

Another few hours of tatting (and forgetting picots) and untatting (using my handy, dandy, magnifier) and I should be ready to see if it’ll work as is or will need to be in sleeve to be used wisely. (I DO NOT starch bookmarks! One time of trying to resume reading after the book had sat in hot humid weather taught me that lesson!)


  1. Things are seldom as simple as they seem! That’s interesting re starching a bookmark. It’s never occurred to me to do so, now I shall definitely not.

  2. We're constantly in high humidity in 'my' part of the country. Things get sticky even *without* starching your tatting. :)
    I like your plagal cadence example. :D

    1. Plagal cadence has dropped off my practice list. No one ever sings Amens anymore. But, that's ok. We need to be intentional. Like wearing lace collars for statements. Like RGB!

  3. The bookmark is looking good - how well it camouflages all your travails ;-P Hmm, I don't starch bookmarks, either, but did not realise it can be an issue in the wrong kind of weather. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Thank you for your comments all! The bookmark is on the way to thank a good friend for sharing with us.