Thursday, October 15, 2020

Keeping track


I encourage students to consider “mistakes” are really just variations. Most of the time, what we see as mistakes aren’t really that bad: the odd loose stitch, a small picot instead of a larger one, or a larger instead of a smaller, a forgotten ring or chain section, or added extra. You get the idea. When tatting up my sample for next week’s class, I knew I wanted it to be rectangular to use with our oval table. So, how many squares to tat per side? All was well until the second long side. I kept second guessing where I was at. You guessed it, I made mistake after mistake. I finally made a small chart in frustration:

I have included a similar chart at the end of the pattern I’ll give to the students. They can use it, or not. It will be their choice. Me, I need simple and clear and ways to reduce the noise as I tat;  a bit like using a bookmark when I’m working through a text. I love post-it notes!

Oh, and bookmarks….

Is it any wonder that I like bookmarks…..and have tatted a few…..just a few….?

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  1. I absolutely agree - part of creativity is to see the potential in any 'mistake' and adapt! I've had a few patterns where I need test tatters to confirm instructions. I might have to do it with this new butterfly, too.

  2. Mmm, sometimes winging it gets out of hand and you need to keep track!