Tuesday, April 30, 2019


That stands for Bach-Werke-Verseichnis

The above link is to Wikipedia. Using the BWV numbers lessens the confusion when talking about Bach pieces. He only wrote over 1000 compositions and there are only 12 different tones in the scale. He wrote quite a few Tocatta-like pieces in D minor by the way. If I’m feeling impish, I’ll agree to play and start in on one of the other less popular pieces. Only if the people goading me to play are especially irritating!

I’ve been less impish lately. Perhaps because of the Fest piece I’m working on. The artwork, including frame, must be no greater than 9” X 11” and if “3-dimensional” no greater than 7” X 7” at the base. So, use the green thread? Or the orange thread?

Vote only once please!


  1. You tend to talk in riddles (to my ears ;-p). They both look good, but I am at a loss to choose one over the other coz I haven't understood what exactly the artwork is going to be. So sorry. Hope you remember to show us pics when it is done?

    1. Sorry for the amibguity. I plead English is my second is my first language I learned. Not good enough? Didn't think so! Ah well!!
      The short answer is a tatted piece mounted on cloth and framed under glass that represents the musical composition. Clear as mud? Yeah, don't feel bad. The next post is about learning how to explain all that well.....
      Tat on!