Tuesday, April 16, 2019


That’s all I can say…..

Like all the organists I know, I was absolutely horrified by the news from Paris yesterday. I’ve had the privilege of hearing the organ several times. Never managed an invitation to the loft, but I’ll admit I was just a tad overwhelmed just being in Notre Dame. To lose so much to fire, I was just plain gripped by the news! And now, we learn the Grand Orgue is not destroyed. Water can do a huge amount of damage, but fire can destroy far faster. Whew!

I’ll leave you with a picture of something else I could be easily overwhelmed by:

The insertion to go on the Linen top is finished and currently on the blocking towel. For scale, that towel is a standard bath towel folded in half length-wise. Now to carefully remove the braids tack these on. I’d like to wear it for Tat Days. We’ll see if I get it all done!


  1. Oh, you Must make the effort to sew it on and proudly wear to Tat Days !!!

  2. The first task is to remove the braid that's falling apart. I'll be working on it only during the sunny parts of the days!