Thursday, April 11, 2019

Friends help!

I have a local group of tatters who get together each Tuesday afternoon. We support each other and teach each other. I have learned so much from them! This week, we discussed what to use for thread color and beads to finish out the Monster Doily (Wiosna 2017).

Here what I decided:

I want to use some green, but the green thread was too, well, GREEN.

I have more Sea Foam beads, so they went into the YES pile. I pulled out other beads I used in the previous rounds along with some “mauvey” beads.
I am intending the final border to be in black thread with clear sparkly beads.
Sea Foam beads are in center, mauve on top, matter finish on bottom

That left thread color for a couple of rounds in between. I pulled out my size 80 thread box and began rummaging. Nothing looked intriguing to anyone. More vintage thread surfaced from someone else’s stash and this ball stood out:

More discussion and bead color ideas were floated. I now have 4 colors in the maybe pile. I think I’ll do some test tats and see what I like…….


  1. Choosing colours and threads is part of the fun! I understood the name 'Monster doily' to refer to a Jan Stawacz doily, but I could be wrong.

  2. No, you're not wrong, just hadn't heard the whole conversation. Several years ago, I worked on a large doily expressing Saint-Saens Organ Symphony. My stitching friends began to call it the Monster Doily as it was THE LARGEST doily they'd ever seen. The name stuck in my brain. Now, all large doilies are Monster Doilies!
    Now you know more about my brain. Bored yet?

  3. Happy it wasn't a case of too many cooks 😄😀😁
    I like the colour choices you all came up with 🌹 💗 🌹

  4. I decided I should tat one repeat of the last 4 rounds just to make sure I like the idea. Too many beads to string and too many joins involving beads not to make sure :)