Thursday, May 2, 2019

Adventures with Power Point

Well, it seems I confused a few people including myself. When I sat down to decide which thread to use next for the Fest piece (BWV549), I couldn’t remember what specific section was in need of the most attention. Nothing for it but to go back to the beginning. That meant sitting down at the organ and playing the piece. What do you know, it worked! I now know what color will go where with what beads. Pictures will be posted after the show opens. So, those local will be tempted to buy tickets!

And now for the title of this post: Power Point adventures…..

Power Point seems to be something people respond to with great dread, passion, emotion, and such. I am of the age that did not have such tools in school and on a career path that has not needed the use of such programs. My programs are usually lists of compositions with notes on the pieces and composers. Talk about confusing! What program????

But, if my career path continues on the present trajectory, I’ll need to know how to use Power Point effectively. I’ve found a great resource in a friend who tats, so I’ll be working with her over the next few weeks. Better get busy on today’s task list!


  1. Let us know if Power Point can be used in tatting-specific projects 🌹 Glad you worked out the artwork 😍

    1. I've published a step-by-step instructions using Power Point before. Getting the diagrams and other graphics was messy. Having stumbled my way through Inkscape, I much prefer creating diagrams with that program.