Thursday, May 30, 2019

BWV 549 in orange

In my opinion, a good tatting pattern works nicely in any color, any size threads, with beads or
without beads, and doesn’t need a ton of starch or sewing onto fabric to be recognizable. That said, I often specify such elements when I design based on a specific piece of music.

This design is one of those specific style of patterns. Where the beads are placed matter. Color doesn’t so much. I chose to use several hues of orange because I liked the way they look together. The green sample is nice, but just didn’t end up grabbing my eye as much. But where the beads appear does matter here. More on that later.

I do hope that once the pattern is finished and all the ends hid and good and blocked, that the piece will lie nicely without starch or mounting. Something tells me I may need to resort to that with this pattern. At least for this iteration.


  1. I love the shape of these motifs! And great use of HMSRs!

    1. Thank you! But....remind me what HMSR stands for? Half _________ Split Ring?

    2. half moon split ring :-) That is what you did, right? It doesn't look like folded rings.

  2. I opted for a folded ring so it wouldn't twist so much. I may have to see if a half moon ring would work better!