Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Two Hearts in One completed

Two Hearts as One by Martha Ess (front)

Here is the version in olive and deep red:

I’m glad I tatted this beauty. Thank you Martha Ess for giving us a great design to tat!

For my next version…..

Two Hearts as One by Martha Ess (back)
I considered tatting the pattern with picots only where necessary. Using beads, of course, and joining. But then I realized that it would be that much harder to tell which side is the front. And it would complicate the pattern just enough my brain might short-circuit. No explosion, but too many mistakes that would need to be dealt with. Not worth it.

I’ve had ideas for my Bach Fest piece. Last year was so much fun. And the bookmark continues to bring Joy. I’m seeing where a fugue subject takes me this year!