Thursday, February 21, 2019

More weaving in the heart

I completed more of the Martha Ess Heart pattern:

This is the final round at the point of the heart; from here on out, you work up the side to the top ending at the “cleavage” with a final chain. To complete the pattern, you tat part of a self-closing mock ring, switch to the other color thread, tat part of a second self-closing mock ring, then you weave the shuttles through rings, tat chains and finally close the rings. It sounds complicated and hard to execute. In all sincerity, it was easier to figure out shuttle placement of these few elements than to figure out shuttle placement of the first join of this round.

Funny thing though….I caught almost all of my mistakes in the complicated parts, but as I finished, I noticed that first join does not match the picture. I need to study the pattern, figure out if I really did make a mistake, and then make notes to help the next time around.
Yes, there will be a next time. I’ve had a request to tat this pattern in quilt thread for some earrings.