Thursday, February 7, 2019

Heart set aside

I’ve had an addition to this week’s schedule. I need to spend most of Friday taking care of details. Ugh! I’d rather tat and play the organ than sit and wait and listen and decide. But, needs must!

I know I’ll be thinking of a problem I’ve been trying to solve. Remember Bux2Bach? I’ll be tatting another version soon. Problem: I can’t find my notes. Anywhere! So, all I have is pictures to go by. And it’s not enough! I cannot remember what I did 2 years ago and the stitch count isn’t falling into place! Argh!!

This afternoon will be filled with preparing for the EGA workshop on Ice Drop patterns. I've no idea how many of the people who come will need a refresher on how to tat. Only 6 signed up for kits, but I will prepare enough handouts for 15. Since everything I'll be using is available on the Internet, the most important handout will be my list of links. How does that Podcast put it? Related Links. That section of her Podcast is often 25% of the time. So, I'll be spending quite a bit of time preparing that document! I should have time to look for those notes while the printer whirs away.

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