Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Fair items are turned in for judging. I was so focused on finishing and such that I forgot pictures. I’ve also had a bad cold. So, I’ll just have to get pictures after the Fair opens.

As is my custom after I meet a deadline, I spent some time looking at my list of possible projects. One of them will mesh nicely with my next substitute job. I would like to continue reviewing music frequently requested for weddings/funerals. I have pulled out my copy of Andre Campre’sRigaudon as arranged by Vigil Fox. Now, I understand this isn’t from one of Campre’s sacred works, it’s a dance in the middle of an opera about ancient Greeks and gods and such. But, it’s fun to play and people enjoy it. So, I like to have it under my fingers. Incidently, this organ was made by the same company as the organ I have in my home. 

I see lots of possibilities for tatting patterns as it has a strong rhythm, chords, and short phrases making up sections. There’s enough of a melody to make it an ear worm. My challenge will be to keep focused, and not get crazy with details or get distracted and end up at the keyboard playing away. With the harpsichord sitting in the middle of everything that’s a true challenge!

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