Friday, April 19, 2013

musings on music in thread

I had one of those surreal conversations lately. A while ago, I was chatting with an organist group. Of course my hands were busy with my shuttles, I can’t remember exactly what I was tatting, but I was using a variegated thread; probably the triangle in the post earlier this week. Anyway, I like that color combination and many have commented on it. My organist friend was impressed that the colors change so often and almost exactly the same distance apart on the thread. I explained that the thread I was using was machine dyed, HDT often isn’t that consistent. The response, “like vibrato” caught me by surprise. But, it’s correct…..sort of.
That got me thinking….I KNOW…..a dangerous occurrence!
What if I used variegated thread for certain types of music where vibrato is appropriate? I have already decided that I’m not inclined to use certain colors to represent certain music. It’s been done before, and I’m not that color savvy. I’ve decided to focus more on rhythm and the structure of melody/harmony. I am experimenting with color representing timbre of music (pink for strings, red for brass), but that is a slippery slope for my color sense. But vibrato…….or music of such ilk. Mmmmmmmmmmm

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