Tuesday, April 2, 2013

TIP and SS progress

Well, so much for putting posts in the timed published area. I still haven’t gotten the steps down correctly. Sigh.

So, here’s what I had prepared to be released yesterday:

Happy International Tat Day!

I’ll be TIP (tatting in public) today someplace on the Monterey peninsula. I’m not sure where I’ll be. Perhaps I’ll tat for a bit in Pacific Grove, then some in Monterey, then maybe even in Carmel. If you’re down there enjoying the ocean, perhaps we’ll meet!

And here’s what I have for today:

Saint-Saens progress.

Here’s a scan of what I did yesterday. I can see I would like to change a couple of things, but it’s almost there!

test of new central ring and round 1
By the way…..I did get sand in my tatting bag. I ended up tatting on the beach looking at Pebble Beach (well out of the range of golf balls). It was worth it!

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