Wednesday, April 3, 2013

earring list

Recently in Sue’s Design class, I promised to share a couple of my favorite earring patterns. I like smaller earrings as I am rather short and of a fine boned build. So, I use small thread like size 80 or quilting thread; small beads like size 12 or 14; and simple, one-element patterns. On my pattern page, I’ve posted my pattern for around a bead cap. I saw this little doodad in the finding area of a local bead shop. I liked the filigree look and the outer spaces were easy to join to with a small crochet hook.

earring around bead cap
A variation on this uses celtic chains for interest around another bead cap.

celtic chain earrings
I was challenged last year to create a larger earring to celebrate the Fourth of July. Here’s what I came up with:
starworks earrings
They are worked in DMC metallic embroidery thread and perhaps my least favorite as they are large…..about 2 ½” with the wire. I’ve never gotten used to them brushing my collar. I do like the star shaped doodad. This one came from the spacers area of the bead store.

I hope this stokes your creativity and that you find a way to express yourself with tatting to wear.

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