Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Frustrated a bit......

The pattern for the candle cuff just isn’t coming together as I had hoped. No worries. 
The entries for the Fair are not all going to be done. No worries. 
What I’ve been spending time on is much more important!

I had the pleasure to help to produce, and enjoy, this:
Here’s more info:
The concert was wonderful and well received. If you were one of the few who didn't heard him play, he'll be back. But school comes first for a few months.

And to work out the frustration with the shuttles, I tried out this Benile pattern:

Dragonfly by Nina Libin

Dragonfly by Nina Libin
I love it! The top one is tatted in Crochet cotton size 10 with size 11 beads. The bottom one is tatted in Lizb Metalic Gem Stone. I do like working with this thread. I hope to see more sizes available soon.
It was a bit tricky to get the beads loaded so that they ended up at the proper place in the pattern, but I made notes and now it’s a fun thing to tat. Since all the beads are loaded prior to tatting, it’s a good one to do at the Fair!

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  1. Cute dragonflies :-)
    Enjoying whatever one does is so much more important!