Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Ready to go.

It took me a few days longer. That’s because I got “guilted.” 

I know the difference between talent and success is hard work. Legacy is built not of thought, but of lasting results. Ideas remain just ideas until there is communication and documentation. It’s details! It’s stuff! It’s al’ dat mind-numbing, boring, tedious minutia! So, I’ve been spending time tending to the Administrative side of my creative endeavors. I have to say that it’s been worth the energy. I slept better last night knowing I will have a clearer path today through the many, many distractions I collect for myself. Still have quite a number of loops to close, but just like a ring that refuses to snug up, settings things aside to rest has made it easier; just like a passage your fingers refuse to execute, playing something else has made the mistake show itself. Better late than never here!!!

I can’t resist showing you detail of the big project for the Fair:

It’s lookin’ real nice!

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  1. A very philosophical ring to your writing and beautiful rings on your tatting :-)