Tuesday, July 10, 2018

It’s Bach Festival time!

That means a lot of events for me to attend. Open Rehearsals are fun. The musicianship really impresses each time. And the music is explained by very knowledgeable people. And of course the concerts!

Last night was a wonderful experience at St. Dunstan’s. The organ didn’t disappoint. The trumpet was fabulous. The audience was attentive, appreciative, and very impressed. I can’t wait to hear what comments are shared. I still can’t get over Viole Celeste in Bruhns! As I was listening the word magical came to mind. That reminded me of the magic square pattern I discovered the other day. Thank you Muskaan for helping us all see the world in a better way! Which got me thinking…… It Could Work!

Tonight is the Art Raffle Reception. It will be fun to see how the other artists react to the pieces. There are some creative, inspired art on those walls. Even a bit of humor! I hope to refine some ideas later this week.

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