Tuesday, February 6, 2018

February in Monterey

Well, Crosby weather hasn’t hit yet this year.  It’s been so wonderfully warm and sunny that the roses are very confused. We decided we needed to push the annual pruning up a few weeks. Glad we did. It would be nice to get one more day or so of gentle rain. It’s just so dry. And you know how they say, “Never say never.” Do to that and the other normal homeowner chores we do, there hasn’t been much time with the shuttles. Just Jane’s TIAS.
Day 9

I think we may be tatting someone from the sea. But then again, that just may be my choice of thread.

I’ve almost got everything prepared for the Workshop next week in Salinas. I asked that they cap registration at 20. It’ll be a fun day. Hope your weather is cooperating to make a fun Spring possible for you!

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