Thursday, February 15, 2018

Something Old, something New, something Blue.....

I completed a few things lately:

The square for the Brussels monument

There are 4 of them because I practiced Direct Chain tatting using up thread and then tried both size 30 and size 20. The smallest one turned out fine although I couldn’t tell you what I’d done to make it come out looking OK. By the time I tatted the largest one in size 20 thread, I wasn’t paying close attention and had to start over twice as I’d forgotten to join, or Reverse Work, or all three! The thread is Cebelia. Too soft for my taste, but it was the only size 20 pink I could lay my hands on.

That’s because I was packing for the workshop last Monday. It went well. I covered both needle and shuttle technique for DS. The group caught on fast. Perhaps because they all stitch and are comfortable with needle, thread, and were ready to have fun with knots. I look forward to coaching them. Perhaps we’ll even see some more tatting at the Fair.

I also complete the next section of Jane’s TIAS:
Since I’m on a roll, I plan to spend more time today and tomorrow finishing up projects. This coming weekend, I’m taking the Rigid Heddle Class that the Craft Guild is sponsoring. I’ll be working with wool. It’ll be a long 2 days, but I should have a cool scarf by the end.

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