Thursday, February 8, 2018

Do not flip..........

Still prepping for the workshop. I’m down to winding sample bobbins of thread. I find that’s the best way to give folks a good length of thread to use as they learn the DS. Should finish tomorrow. It’ll be nice not to be up late the night before teaching stuffing the kits!

I took a break yesterday to master a technique that has been intriguing me now for years: Tatting without the flip. Some have been calling this Direct tatting. This is simply NOT flipping the DS as in the second half of a split ring. It intrigued me because it allows a small section of chain to be tatted as though you switch shuttles without having to cut from the ball, load a shuttle, switch shuttles, forget which shuttle is shuttle 1, waste thread having estimated how much for shuttle 2, and generally easier set up for patterns.
I just couldn’t really execute the technique well. Call it unflippingitis. Yep, I kept flipping. Sigh!

So, when Muskaan related that she used the Direct method for the inner chains on her Brussels squares, I sat myself down and learned how:

These were done with much smaller thread as I wanted to use up what was on the shuttles. I’ll be using some size 30 DMC thread I think. That seems to work out to the correct size.
Oh, and here’s my TIAS:


  1. Oh my you have been busy. I recall quite a few years ago I used that technique on patterns that had short chains between rings on a pattern. I did try it on the Brussels squares but wasn't pleased with the result, perhaps I need more practice.

    That is a perfect idea for teaching, wind a few yards onto a floss bobbin or do you use real bobbins?

  2. I use the small cardboard floss bobbins fir the longer lengths. For the shorter, I use a butterfly.

  3. The squares have come out great :-)
    All the best at the workshop - hope you had a good night's sleep