Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The game is on

Here’s my version of Day 2: 
And Day 3:

I have also added to my design sketch book. I attended a lovely chamber concert last weekend in Carmel Valley. The musicianship was superb, the room pleasant, and the selections enjoyable. Being chamber music, the venue felt quite intimate. I could almost hear the rustle of silk and smell a bit of powder or snuff on the air. Almost. I really have very little desire to relive that era. I’m very happy living today in this age. There’s much wrong with the world, and much right.

One of the selections was Terzetto by Gustav Holst. The piece is in 2 short movements scored for flute, oboe, and viola. Written later in Holst’s career, the piece was interesting and well executed. Through spoken “Conductor’s Notes” given before the concert by the Artistic Director of Ensemble Monterey, John Anderson, and also through written program notes, we learned that the score of this piece is written using 3 different key signatures. Each of the instruments plays in a different key. Sure enough, I could hear the difference. I could also recognize when the instruments ended up playing a chord in one or another of the keys. It made for some rather nerdy listening. The true artistry of the composition is how the music sounds positively melodious.

I immediately dreamed up a tatted motif. Each instrumental line would be in a color assigned to represent that instruments tonal character. Mostly chains, the thread will weave in and out creating a design. Even the negative space will play a part. Just as my ear filled in the missing pitches to recognize tonality, my eye must fill in the holes to recognize shapes. 

There are a few projects I must finish before I work on this. Whenever I have trouble motivating myself to finish a project, I’ll just need to look at this sketch!

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  1. It is admirable that you can transcend and coalesce senses - can't wait to see your musically tatted lace :-)