Friday, January 12, 2018

Another way to mark picots

I spent some time yesterday looking for a notebook. It has my notes from meetings with the Concert Task Force. I didn’t find it. I did find a few UFO’s. A Prayer shawl started years ago (yikes) and an angel pattern left unfinished. I always wonder about what I determined was most important to do the last time I held the project in my hands. Truth be told, sometimes it seems most important to reduce my stress by setting it aside until I get inspiration to solve whatever problem came up. Not the best priority of my attention.

I’m still working on the snowman pattern. I started a version using size 80 thread. I hope to use them for earrings. Really. While I was loading beads on, I grabbed a bit of leftover thread to use as markers. Remember this idea? (insert link) Well, the brown thread I grabbed was rather slippery. I think it’s waxed button thread. Bad idea. I ended up without markers as the knots untied themselves and the thread fell away from the beads. What to do?????

Here’s my solution: 

I took another piece of sewing thread, used my crochet hook to pass it through the picots in the order that I would need to find them. It’s working out better. I can see them much easier. Still need the magnifier with size 80, but I’m working my way around joining those 11 picots! I hope to have one finished next week to show. I’d like to wear them while working on Jane’s “final” TIAS.


  1. Eureka ! Seems such a simple solution once you've shared it !
    Thanks :-) will follow it when I tat this snowman .